Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its all about you (SOLD)

I really like the subject. Suitable for boss's or any authority figure you are trying to suck up to. Yeah, buddy, its all about you. lowercase unplugged dogs at the beach. When I post something I feel like that truckdriver out on the highway at 3:30 AM on his cb radio CLICK"..........are you out there good buddie?....., your the only friend I got."
Makes a great gift for the conference room's or the boss's office. I know you always say that you agree. Acrylic on Canvas. 11"X14" (SOLD)


Marilyn M. King said...

You are welcome and you are NOT alone out there. That's what is so great about this virtual art community! (by the way for clarity, I'm not flirting with you and am happily married for 36 years) I'm an encourager by nature and also like to meet and share with other artists because we all are stuck alone in our studios. You sound like you are participating in the "what goes up must come down syndrome". You are experiencing a lost sense of a clear goal and direction after the high of preparing for and participating in your opening. Happens all the time in life and is normal. You just need to clean your studio (Spring cleaning) and get your life organized and back to normal and the muse will return. But you are working! These doggies are great as they are. The tongues say it all.

Kenn and I had a time share reserved for the outer banks a few years ago and our trip fell through and we couldn't go. That condo just sat there without us - it was very sad!!!!! We'll try again sometime to come up that way.

rick nilson said...

Dang. Why didn't you tell me about Kenn with 2 n's sooner! Your the only friend I got. And Jennifer's prom dress doesn't fit anymore. Thanks marilyn.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

looks like you really gave up on the "not going to paint puppies thing"

Rick Nilson Fine Art said...

Thanks Tyler.

Your the only friend I got!

Jennifer Young said...

For the record, I'm married AND I'm flirting. (Just kidding, Dave with one "e"!) ;-) And also for the record that prom dress doesn't fit any more because it's too BIG.

Wonderful painting. You've nailed the essence of the slobering happy dog (cubed).

And Marilyn nailed the bit about the letdown after a show. Now maybe it's true that not everyone gets this, but many do and I know I still do. As M. said, with a show you have a deadline, something to work toward. Throw in the feelings of pressure, excitement, adrenaline, and a dash of expectation and you've got quite a mix. Stressful, but it does give you focus and it is such a different vibe from a more habitual way of working.

It's good because it's an easy motivator. But it can sure play havoc on getting back in touch with that more subtle but more sustaining internal motivator. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to clean out another drawer.

rick nilson said...

Thanks Jennifer,

I thought he was only the muffin serving bouncer. Sorry about the prom dress. Well....what are you wearing right now? You're the only friend I got. My wife Cindy sees something in me. I am a scarecrow without her. ()<3

Jennifer Young said...

I think these artists' spouses should start their own blogs. Oh the stories they could tell. Then again, how much would it cost to silence them? ;-)

Marilyn M. King said...

You guys are nuts! And Rick, don't tell me again that I'm the "only" friend you got because I see written evidence (in your words)to the contrary!
My condolences to Cindy.

Jennifer, you say it much better than I and have way more experience! Now go pack.



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