Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beachroad remodel (SOLD)

I call this remodel because I painted this a few months ago. It has lingered around looking like it wasn't finished. Last years goldenrod blooms in reds and gold in the late afternoon sun. Another scene along North Carolina Highway 12, (the beachroad). Acrylic on canvas 16"X14"(SOLD)


Mark Adams said...

Fun perspective on this piece, Rick. Nice painterly quality too.

Did your hiccups go away?

rick nilson said...

Thanks Mark. Yuur the bestest... friend..... I.... got.... ahhh. I loved the nude grape bitch goddess! I want an all girl orchestra.

Marilyn M. King said...

This Beach Road stuff is really going to be what you are known for! You are so good at capturing the light, atmosphere, mood, editorial message, and senses of this subject!

rick nilson said...


Thanks for the nice words about mood, senses and atmosphere. I'll bet you said to Kenn once too!



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