Friday, May 23, 2008


On painting with confrontation. This was a fun paint. Ok, here's today's true story. I caught a crab while fishing for trout. An obvious sign that I was working the lure too slow. I hooked him in the front left claw. Growing up in South Dakota did little to equip me with the knowledge of handling live blue crabs. He got me! **SON OF A BlueCrab##@! As I slung my hand around wildly to get it loose I managed to remove the hook and his left claw. Screw this. I returned him to the canal and studied the severed claw very carefully.
After a while it started to smell bad, so then I put it in the garbage........and then a little while later I painted this, and then I made a sandwich. Acrylic on canvas 24"X24" (SOLD)


Marilyn M. King said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you handle acrylics, Rick. You maked it look effortless on this one. Great color palette.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

just walked in the door from camping for 5 days. very impressive. looks inspired a bit by frank stick.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

i think i want this. im going to make a purchase when im there in a few weeks

Jennifer Young said...

This is another painting for my red kitchen. Sigh. I hope you are taking some GOOD high res photos of these Rick.

Tyler. Watch this swinging pendulum. Your eyelids are getting heavy. You are getting very sleepy. You do not really want this painting. You don't want the lobster one either.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

im impervious to your tactics



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