Friday, May 16, 2008

yesterday's flower

Hi, my name is Rick, I am a photoholic and this is my 4th painting without a photograph. I moved the tomato. I must be suffering some kind of photo withdrawl. Wow this hurts! I have had the hiccups off and on for the last 24 hours. Now my stomach muscles ache with every hic. If it keeps up I could get sixpack muscles by default. Hic. Wow, if you see the flaw's in this painting I blame it on the hiccups. I get them sometimes for a day or more maybe once a year. It could be what kills me. Yeah, sure, hiccups can kill you. I heard about some guy that lived with them for 50plus years. Hic woke me last night a couple of times. I have been to the doctor about hiccups. Doctor shruged his shoulder's and said, "Rick, take this thorazine". I am going to scour the medicine cabinet, but I know Cindy threw them away. Hic. Hey Doc, moo...ore thorazine hic please....... It... does.... the.......trick.....e..v...e....r....y..............t.....i......m.......e...... Hic. Wow this hurts.
Acrylic on canvas 11"X14" . You can buy this painting directly from the artist for $120.oo


Marilyn M. King said...

Sorry I haven't visited in a week! Time flies when your old. Been too busy at work to blog or paint- bummer.How's the Jennifer withdrawal?
Maybe your hic-ups are a symptom.
I commend your courage to go cold turkey on the photographs. I depend on photos too, but my excuse is that I can only paint at night for the most part. That kind of covers me for the fear of failure issue that lurks below the surface. I've painted from life very little actually. As an illustrator I was a master at finding photographic reference at the library and took my own reference shots too. Working from life was time prohibitive. Even my still life paintings have been done from photos I take during the day and then paint later. I like natural light that is not available to me during my painting hours. Consider yourself blessed to be painting in the day! You are doing great! Even your first piece, the cup, was good. That cup has such personality. I'd be careful about the props you use, though. I think it may be hard to sell elephant foot vase paintings unless you sell to another fan of that restaurant. But what do I know, you've sold more paintings than I!!!! Keep going-good job!

rick nilson said...

thanks Marilyn,

Your the only friend I got.Hic



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