Thursday, May 22, 2008

A horse of a different color (painting with negotiation)

Once upon a time a very nasty gin colored horse lived on an island far out in the ocean. At a glance the gin colored horse looked like the ones that swam ashore when ships would run aground far out to sea. Those horses have a very unpleasant taste from eating all those funky smelling marsh grass's. This gin colored horse tasted different. G.S.B.'s mother would scare us to sleep with tales of the ghost horse that was the color of gin, and how it would drink "little boy blood" or at the very least make them quite drunk. (This horse is available for public viewing on Kitty Hawk Road) Acrylic on canvas 18"X18"
this painting is no longer available


David Lubetsky said...

Really nice imagery in this one

rick nilson said...

Thanks david,

It looks like you got a pretty good thing happening over there.



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