Monday, May 26, 2008

Large Fries to Go (Van Gogh Approximately)

I had to leave the McD bag full of fries and I added 1" to the vertical dimensions of the original. So......meanwhile.I went to France. I looked for Potato Eater's in the Louve. The place is so damn big that I spent 5 hours wandering without seeing it, I think they moved it to Holland or somewhere. Victorie de Samothrace on the staircase was incredible.I marveled at the missing head, arms and wings. I think they could have put a stack of crabpots on that landing and Wow. Crabpots. And the missing ones are just as good! I was not all that impressed with the Mona Lisa, its like the size of a postage stamp, and most of the time it looks exactly like the back of some guy's head! Acrylic on canvas 33.3"X44.9"
My daughter Sarah wanted this painting. It is hers now. hope she finds her car keys.
your father.


Marilyn M. King said...

Woah, Rick. Quite a project! What size is this piece? Can't wait to see your unique twist on this, and it will be a TWIST! Ugly Betty wouldn't bother with rollers- leave them off.

Debbie said...

Going off in new directions, are we??? Seafood and hidden rooms down dark alleys....secret meeting of the "DWJC's" (Down With Jenny Craig).
I like.

Marilyn M. King said...

Maybe I'm taking this a bit too seriously, but if you want some critique/objective eye I have a couple of observations. First, it's looking really good! You mentioned that you were trying to capture the woman on the left's look. It's almost there, open the mouth a bit for a more questioning expression. I'm having a problem with the left index finger on the tea pouring woman. My eye is drawn there too much. Maybe shorten, curve, and shadow it a bit to keep it from jumping out.

Jennifer Young said...

Wow, mighty ambitious! Yes, the devil's in the details....or in this case, the tea pouring woman. Those gals will get you every time. But my only real critique is that these folks look far too gaunt to be living on Mickey D's fries.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

you dont realize it but your using a lot of irony in this picture. and saying a lot about the world today. this is one that you might let slip under the radar but in years to come people might hail this as a true original. it seems that all "new" music these days are old beats and hooks recycled. i just think its a clever little poke at the state that things are in. regardless if you meant that or not, the McDonalds fries are very very clever.


rick nilson said...

When I originally considered painting this, maybe 2 years ago, I wanted to have the setting a McDonald's. I wanted them to unpleasantly plump. I went to a McD's and sat looking Van Gogh did more than one potato eater's. In another version there is a basket of flatware in the upper right corner. My potato eaters don't need flatware. I put the forks away in the basket. Other than that I don't even have an alibi. Thank you all for the comments. Tyler rocks.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

im waiting for the last supper... that might be good with time lapse

AutumnLeaves said...

Had to come over and see some of your work. This was one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings, before he really got impressionistic or pointillistic with his brush strokes. Much as I am a McD's fan, not sure about that touch! LOL On the other hand, I do love McD's and do love a good sense of humor. So nicely done, Rick!!



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