Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fair and Square in Serendipity (SOLD)

Here I have painted this house again, but this time without the distortion. I have included (purely for your benefit) a lifesize figure of a troubled Richard Gere waving. He tried hard to say "hat-trass" like the locals. Don't start me talkin', I'll tell everything I know.
Nightmares in Rodanthe. Enough already with Serendipity.
Oil on canvas 18"X18"
This painting is sold.


Susan Roux said...

I didn't realize that was the house from the movie. It has such interesting architecture. I like both of them.

enjoy your day RIck

AutumnLeaves said...

Well, I sure love RG! And this house!

Kim said...

Rick, this is another excellent piece. You just excel at architecture. Beautiful feel. Which is your favourite?

Marilyn M. King said...

Wow, so much depth to this one. Love the value design.



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