Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bodie Island Lighthouse

I painted this painting in Sept.2007. Had it as a page element. Deleted it. Now posting it. 42"X24" Acrylic on Canvas.

Saybrook Lighthouse

This is one of my first lighthouse paintings. Done in Sept.2007, had it as a page element. Deleted it. I like it well enough to post this. 22"X18" Acrylic on Canvas.

From the Life and Times of Gordie's Bar

This is a drawing that I created in mspaint. Gordie and Gordie's Bar are long gone, with my childhood. Images of my home town. I like my town with a little drop of posion.

Round Island Lighthouse

This is another image I create in mspaint. Just having a little fun. I have several more and maybe a laugh at my other blogspot.



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