Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attempts at Rows(SOLD)

Oil on canvas 14"X11"

Kitty Hawk Marsh

This is a marsh scene in Kitty Hawk Village.
 I host a painting workshop in my studio and yesterday we discussed something about the 70% rule as it applies to art and life.  This website offers interesting stuff on marketing art. click HERE 
Oil on canvas 20"X16"
this painting is no longer available.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitty Hawk Crabber (SOLD)

I drive past this boat on my way out of Kitty Hawk. There are a lot of crab boats like this in the canals on Outer Banks of North Carolina. These boats are used to  fish for blue crab in the Currituck, Alblemarle and Pamlico Sounds.
If you would like this painting for your wall, send me an email.
Oil on canvas 11"X14
This painting is sold.

Horse and crab

Pencil sketches

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

John's DriveIn Kitty Hawk

This is John's DriveIn in Kitty Hawk, NC.
This place has been a lunchtime institution during the season on the Outer Banks for probably 30 years. I was more than a little upset when they stopped serving "Tuna Boats"  (fried tuna bits and fries in a paper boat).  Now they serve "Dolphin Boats" or ocassionally "Trout Boats"   I believe there is a bit of the original oil  from 30 years ago still in the fryer.
 Open in Season. No Public Restooms. I am still trying to create the trainwreck effect. I have not tried starting with a completely black canvas except in one mini blue crab. It may be an approach. I do like the fluid feel of this piece.
Oil on canvas 8"X16"
this painting is no longer available.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girls on the Dune

I think everybody that has done more than 2 paintings has had a trainwreck. With mixed emotions we watch our hopes and dreams vanish one by one across the canvas. And when we have lost all our hopes and all our dreams have died, we look for something else to fill our lives.  I host a painting workshop in my studio. One of the ladies that paints with me showed me a painting that we both begrugingly loved. She looked at me and said,...."yeah, its a real trainwreck, isn't it." "Indeed....good call" I said. "That artist gets big money for those." She said. "Oh" I said. "yeah" she said.
 This is Number One of a series I will call my "Trainwrecks in SloMo"
Thanks for looking. I am still painting on this.
Oil on canvas 10"X24"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

(nodp) Picky Cats prefer Phthalo

My cat decided she had to find out if Phthalo Green tasted better than Sap Green. I guess its permanent.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make Believe Strut (Shorebird in motion)(SOLD)

 In my bio I say that "I like to create big worlds with little brushes. This painting feels like  creating little worlds with big brushes". Too windy to risk an outside shot with better light. When this painting is finished I will take it off the frame, take the frame apart and mail both to a gallery framing store in DC and he will reassemble it there.
It is proving difficult to get a good photo of this. its windy outside and raining. I have refined some of the shapes and stayed true to my 5 foot brush on a 5 foot X 5 foot canvas
I have no reference material for this, so I named it thus. With a piece this big, you have to use big brushes, my favorite is the 5' cardboard cylinder with a 2" trim brush.  The coffee table in front keeps me away from the canvas.
Oil on canvas 5'X5' Commissioned Painting

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wild One (nodp)

This lucky little girl got to try out her trainer wheels while on vacation with her family on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Oil on canvas 9"X12" not for sale

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Avalon Lately (SOLD)

This is a painting of the Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina in the spring one winter day.
I decided to stay as loose as was comfortable with this and I do like the effects. Certainly less labored.
Oil on canvas 8"X16"
Thanks for looking.
The house in "Rodanthe Night" Serendipity is being moved. It has been cut away from the pilings and is setting alongside of North Carolina Highway 12 with a moving truck under it.
click here for a live beachcam
(SOLD to a repeat collector in Reno)

If you missed the move. here is a youtube video of it.
click here

Friday, January 15, 2010

Morbidly Feline

 What I painted today. I tried something else a couple of times. I have wiped away enough paint to do 4 paintings. Its only paint and my cat Lovee. Oil on canvas 12"X9"
this painting is no longer available.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you being served?

This is a painting of a Tennis Kid whiz that lives on the outer banks. Locals may recognize this photo. It was furnished to me by the person who took the photo. That person also happens to paint with me once a week. I am trying to get more info on this potential tennis pro.
Oil on canvas 12"X24"
this painting is no longer available. see 1/5/2011

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aggie Handiwork (13-0)(SOLD)

I am an Aggie and I heard the story that TAMU beat UT in a homegame in College Station by the score of 13-0 and some of the more creative aggies went to Austin late at night and found the UT mascot longhorn, and branded
 on the animals sides. The more creative University of Texas students filled in the e and v and BEVO had a name. I just thought you would want to know what really happened. This photo was furnished to me by Deb Linclon. Check out her stuff on Dailypainters.Com
Oil on canvas 24"x16"
This painting is sold.

A study in bird (SOLD)

This is another running bird. Fun little paintings of birds at the beach chasing the waves.
Oil on canvas panel 8"X10"
This painting is sold.

The Timid Lamb

These are more of Dar Peckam's Sheep. Dar used to have a lot of beef cattle. Now his wife raises sheep. Fancy ones too.
 He is a legend, or at the very least a myth.
If you are an artist, please tell me when can you call yourself a legend? and not be a myth or a parody.
Oil on canvas 16"X12"
If you would like to purchase this send me an email.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bring it with you when you come (SOLD)

For me a work in progress can change in good ways. I decided to forget the architecture. I think it is an improvement. This is a very good exercise to see my works in progress next to my photos in thumbnail.
This painting is a work in progress. I decided to show you my subjects. I saw what Dana Cooper did with the 5 girls on a bench and here I come.  I decided to try to paint this because I did not think I could.   I am still not sure. Sometimes my works in progress should have stayed there or here or bring it with you when you come.
Now that we are discussing bring it with you when you come........
Someone bought "Serendipity" the house in Rodanthe in previous paintings and is moving it to a "safer" location. As a rule the minimum building  distance for a single family residence  from the ocean (MBL) (minimum building line) is determined this way.
 The erosion rate X The length of your mortage. 
an example.
A 30 year mortgage in an erosion zone determined to be 4 feet a year would be 120' back from the first line of stable vegetation, wherever that is....
Oil on Canvas 8"X16"
this painting is sold.

Running Bird (SOLD)

Oil on canvas approx. 6"X6"
(SOLD to a repeat collector)

Friday, January 8, 2010


This is "GodSpeed" docked in Teach's Lair Marina on Hatteras Island.
Oil on canvas 11"X14"
I am not sure where this painting is or even if its sold.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tennisball Nazis in Cabela's Outdoor Gear (SOLD)

These dogs were fun to paint.
Buddie and Oak.
I am going to get back to some type of abnormal soon.
Oil on canvas 12"X12
this painting is sold.



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