Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheating Serendipity (SOLD)

This was an experiment gone astray. I cheated the vertical scale by 50%, but stayed as true as possible to the rest of the world and used the stairs to compensate. This is what the house Serendipity looks like now, sort of. I may paint this again without the distortion.
Oil on canvas 24"X12"
This painting is sold to a repeat collector.


Susan Roux said...

I like this, Rick. It has a regal demanding presence to it. Or a male thing going on...

Kim said...

Oh, this looks excellent! It has kind of a dark and elegant feel. A good moodiness. Love it Rick.

suzanneberry said...

this one's going straight into my inspirational folder. your spontaneity is what moves me. beautiful job! enjoy the weekend.



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