Friday, June 27, 2008

On paintings in kodak Easyshare (most of the time)

(Work in Progress)

kodak easyshare comes with the walmart machines that transfer chips to disks. I use it to crop my photo's. "easyshare" has several options. a brutal test option is convert your painting to black and white or to sepia. The photo above is further progress with sepia applied. Another option is "cartoon" shown above. If "coloring book" on top works, then the painting may work, if you get the color right. Meanwhile.. working with large mass's on the canvas. the software helped me realize that the shingles on the roof were the weakest part of this painting. As the software did, I did. It was my choice. thanks hal.
The cool thing is no matter how bad the painting is (really), I can blame it on that crappy monitor! Can you get behind that?
Back to the beachroad.Here is a new scene along US158 "The Bypass". Yes, there are 2 roads through my island. North Carolina Highway 12 (the beachroad) and U.S. 158 (the bypass). This house is on the west side of the beachroad. (One row back)(from the ocean) (BTH=between the highways) This house has such visual grip. If you have driven through Kill Devil Hills, then you have seen it. What a bonanza of "Stuff" this house has. Over grown landscaping, privacy fences, trashcans, a hotel across the street, a sailboat in the sideyard and weeds 3 feet tall, most of the time.
As to avoid confusion and not eliminate this post, I have posted the final product in its own post above. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Stick around. Have some yellow"(SOLD)

These crabs are a lot of fun to paint. Did I mention the title. I have 2 more canvas's stretched this size but I don't have any good titles yet. Meanwhile I am donating 5% from the sales of my paintings to the Dare County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I have made 1 donation and I have a canceled check to prove it. So I want to know ....................who doesn't like animals? I like my soft shell fried in butter, and hold the breading. Just throw it in a hot pan and bring it! "You've been served!!"

I will see that some fat puppy gets one more meal before market. Just kidding about the market thing. Acrylic on canvas 20"X20 (SOLD)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Romeo is Bleeding (SOLD)

 I like my crab with lemon butter and a side dish of pasta with pesto sauce......... and a little grated parmesan cheese.
 Acrylic on canvas 20"X20"
This painting is sold

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Chicks on Chicks" (on painting urban chicks)(SOLD)

THESE CHICKS ARE HOT! I finally got a chance to spend quality time with these chicks. Wow! What a weekend. Tyler and Ashley flying somewhere over Nebraska about now. I hope you like my paintings and drawings. I have taken lots of long flights and it still amazes me to have lunch in Virginia and sleep in Californina that night. So.....anyway..... you want the chicks or not? Acrylic on canvas 20"X20"(SOLD)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Trois paire de chaussures" (on Van gogh approximately)

"And my aim in my life is to make pictures and drawings, as many and as well as I can; then, at the end of my life, I hope to pass away, looking back with love and tender regret, and thinking, 'Oh, the pictures I might have made!'"
Vincent van Gogh

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"One our Hen" (on painting youtube)

This was a painting demonstration we staged this morning. Tyler is visiting. He set up a camera to record me painting this. When we stopped, I had been painting for about an hour. Acrylic on canvas. 20"x20"
this painting is no longer available.

"Langouste Cajune" (or) "Cajun Crawfish" (SOLD)

I tried to think about electric colors while I painted. I do like limiting my palette. I used about every red that I own. Please refer to this painting as a langouste, instead of just some poor ignorant craw fish. This was certainly fun to paint. Acrylic on canvas 20"X20" this painting is sold.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Open Window" (on painting last life) (SOLD)

I found a photo of a painting that I did in 2007. Acrylic on Canvas 22"X16" This seems like a lifetime ago. I 'd say that my favorite postings are the ones that end with the word (SOLD)!
I recieved this as a response on my painting of the Avalon Pier. It was signed as anyomous,
"I love this painting it is hanging in our
guest cottage on the sound. I also bought "Open Window" Everyone who visits love them also."

Rick says "Excellent".

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Rooster in Nocturne" (on painting things)

I am beginning to paint differently. Less things, more shapes. Color exists where you don't cover it up. Acrylic on canvas 24"X24".  this painting is no longer available.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweater on the Hoof (painting on cardigan)(SOLD)

I got this nice email yesterday. I had to post it.

" I just bought this on Friday from the KDH Cooperative…

I’ll be moving into the family house in a couple of months, and the wall in the dining room is a very pale pink. The pink in the sheep’s coat will look great… There’s also turquoise and yellow in the adjacent room.

If I had only known I could have purchased it directly from you… for cheaper! Oh well… The Cooperative is a great cause.

Thanks for the artwork.


"Sheep are weird." Oom Flippus Nygardt said.
Its all about the color with this one. It was a fun paint. palette knife's with pastel colors and washes for the highlights. Acrylic on canvas 24"X24". (SOLD)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 2 3 4 (on painting by the numbers)(SOLD)

In a phone conversation someone said to me "Just the color".

Just the color. I have been trying to achieve that. It sound easy doesn't it. The which color and where is the ghost in the machine. I am trying to use brushes like pens. I found myself holding a pencil like a brush. We've all been there. Acrylic on canvas 12"X16" and photo shop sketch. (SOLD)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enemy Swim (SOLD)

The following is an email I received yesterday. Its from a woman in Ohio that vacationed here and bought one of my paintings.

This is just to say thank you for painting my picture of the outer banks house.. I purchased it at the obx grill in Corolla while having breakfast there.. I am back in Ohio now and the painting is hanging in my living room. It will be a reminder of the beautiful vacation there and will be my special house on the beach ..every day of the year...I have never put a brush to a canvas ..perhaps I will try now ( smile) I hope you continue to paint so others can enjoy as I do the gift you have to share..

again thank you and God bless..Barb

I swear I did not make this up.

There is a lake not far from Webster, S.D. Just for the sake of editorial revisionism this is the account that "they" have written about what supposedly happened at Enemy Swim Lake. It isn't really worth a fight either way! But just for the record and to quiet any doubt. It does vary from the account that Gordie told us.
There is an Indian Reservation with a school and lots of pastures near Enemy Swim Lake. They probably have a website too. Anyway that wasn't the point. This is about Pasture Month. It takes one hell of a fence to keep buffalo in. They have such a thick skull that they are impervious to reason. They will "bunch up" in corners and suffocate. You can well imagine how much this complicates the fencing process. The Indians had it right. Our neighbor raises buffalo for breed stock and specialty meats and stuff like skulls and hides. He runs the bait shop in Webster, South Dakota. Right across from The A&W. Just ask Doug. He knows where the walleye are biting. Tell him I said hello.
Acrylic on canvas 24"X24". (SOLD)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Cow Incident (the magical qualities of milk)(SOLD)

The cow incident happened one June afternoon while I was out looking for some stray cattle. After lunch I liked to look  for them in the soft grass under the willow trees. On ocassion I would look for them all day or until the sun was setting. I was not the type of farmer that could be found lying about the house when there was "man's work" to be done. From that particular vantage point in the shade of the willows not even the smallest calf could twitch it's ear without my noticing. I also became aware that the tops of my boots could make Willard Horter's silo's in the distance appear and disappear if I closed one eye and then the other, ..........
I was startled out of my heightened state of concentrating on finding cattle by the sound of breathing near my face.

Acrylic on canvas 24"X24" (SOLD to Toni in Maryland)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

BlueCrab (painting in recovery)(SOLD)

I took a group of paintings to a restaurant in Corolla yesterday. I got a call this morning from the restaurant and they told me one of them sold. I looked at the photo of they one I sold. Bad photo. Gertrude Stein wrote "You can either go to restaurants or you can own fine art". I don't have good photo's of my work, and as much as I hate the idea of prints, well you know........I sold 3 paintings last week and when I went back and looked and I don't have a single photo of one of them. It could have been just a myth. Acrylic on Canvas 24"X24".

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Cow Bad Cow (painting on grass)

Why it seemed like only yesterday Oom Flippus was telling all the little children not to be afraid of cows and just ask to speak to an attorney. You must know now that June is pasture month.
Today, all across the great plains, heifers are dining in lush green pastures with horny bulls that are using pickup lines like "......look honey, I'm only trying to keep you out of the feedlot". Acrylic on canvas 24"X24".
this painting is no longer available.



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