Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soaring (SOLD)

I painted a pelican.
 Sure, I have dreams. Sometimes I dream I am soaring above, but its always at night and I get tangled in the overhead powerlines. Don't pay any attention to my dreams.
Oil on canvas 24"X`12"
this painting is sold.


Susan Roux said...

Great composition! I love the added blue square in the corner. You have a way of dancing my eye all over the canvas. You work is so fun to view. Your spirit embraces the coast and all that lives there. I can tell you have a kind colorful heart.

Have a good day.

(maybe you should daydream...)

AutumnLeaves said...

Rick, what is behind the pelican? Love the colors of this piece and hope the pelican can continue to enjoy that clear, cool, blue water!



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