Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colony Lost (in another vien) SOLD

I have always been puzzled by signs that say things like, "Lost Colony 12 miles"   Is it lost or not? Interesting story about how we screwed the Indians right from the git go.  The Lost Colony is a play performed on summer nights. The story revolves around a colony of British subjects that came to the new world only  seeking an opportunity to exploit the native population on Roanoke Island and how those loyal subjects somehow vanished during an extended stay sir Walter Raleigh took in London. Lots of drama with indians, the queen, her ill fated venture on Roanoke Sound and the first English child born in "the new world".  At least new to the white folk.  I doubt that the natives viewed  little Virginnia Annadious Dare with the same awe as the palefaces. Nowadays everything in Dare county is named after her, almost. Virginia Dare Trail, Elizabethan Gardens, The Dare County Festival Park, annadious street.
The gentile whites payed homage to their native hosts and called a little town Wanchese, after the chief that was witness to that ill fated venture on the shores of Roanoke Sound. 
I am sure, if  there were any indians still around, they would be pleased.
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I know you say that you agree.
the drum soundbite is pure genius.
As you cross the bridge to "little Roanoke Island" this scene of boats in the marsh is omnipresent.
Oil on canvas 24"X12"
This painting is sold.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Truly a beautiful painting of a spot many of us will never see. Interesting read on a piece of history that we are not necessarily taught in school.



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