Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nouvelle Heron Blanco(SOLD)

My first go on one of these smooth wood panels. I am instantly aware of every brushstroke. I love painting on these. I applied 4 coats of gesso, sanded between coats. It seems as much work to prep. the wood as it did to paint it.
This white heron was stalking a slough near Bitter Lake.
Oil on 3/4" wood panel 11"X14"
This painting is sold.


martinealison said...

Majestueux que ce héron. J'aime le choix des couleurs et la lumière qui l'illumine.

AutumnLeaves said...

So breathtaking, Rick!

Susan Roux said...

I love the brushstroke in your bird. It seems this wood is a perfect ground for you. The stately position you captured gives it such a dominating, kingly feeling. Love the colors and texture in the shadows and feathers. The mosaic brushstrokes in the distance are flickering fun to view.

Nice job!

suzanneberry said...

dude, i just clicked on this and looked at the larger version. I am in awe of your brush strokes and use of color. bravo!

Fawn said...

Sure captured this one-- just lovely!



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