Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Kitty, Play Dead Kitty (SOLD)

Cindy said when our old cat dies we should get a puppy.
In an act of unwavering gratitude for all the good years we have given her, this cat walked right out in the driveway and assumed the position. She recovered, but I am watching closely thinking border collie.
There is a lot of open or negative space on this canvas. I call it "not kitty".
Oil on canvas 14"X11"
This painting is sold.


Lisa Riehl said...

Amazing what you can do with just a few minimalist brush strokes. Dogs are great too!

Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh, Rick. Any chance of making your print a wee bit larger? I am starting to have to use magnifiers! LOLOL I like this kitty painting exactly as is! What a sweetheart!

martinealison said...

Vous avez su recréer à la perfection la scène du chat allongé au soleil... Bravo!

Marilyn M. King said...

This is just too funny!!!! Love the painting but she does sadly look deceased.

I agree, I couldn't see how to leave a comment the other day and just gave up. Today I noticed some lines that I thought might be type so I click and wow, there is a small hidden world down here.



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