Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bestiole Amie (SOLD)

About This Painting:
The smart continental calls them Bestiole Amie. Thats french for lady bug.   I painted this in a workshop demo. One of the ladies brought the photo from her garden. Immediately after explaining the fatal error of putting the focal point in the middle of the canvas, I did exactly that. To lessen that feel, I used a technique I am fumbling with.  I intentionally blur or soften a  balance of  the edges. Check out Karin Jurick's people. Thanks Karin. I blurred enough of the bug to bring the focal point to the face in the lower middle. Still not the best solution, but it doesn't, you know, "...bug me, my wee mouton".
this painting is sold.


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Rick, I love the lady bug! It looks so shiny—also love how you softened the edges. Awesome!!

Lisa Riehl said...

Very cool edges. Love the blurriness. Sometimes I wish I worked in oils, this would be hard to do in acrylic. Nice bug.



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