Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Ewe on the Coolin' Board" (Death Letter)

I have a doctor's note and a perscription for vicadin. I had a wisdom tooth pulled and I feel equally as wise  as before the incident occured. When I first started painting I did not know there was a difference between fine linen and the duck canvas they sell at Walmart. I bought Walmart canvas duck and bought 1x pine at Home Depot for the stretchers. I then put one thin layer of gesso on the canvas. I then painted something with acrylic paint. That was a couple of years ago.  In the first few brush strokes of painting these sheep on Bitter Lake
 I realized I did not have enough gesso on this canvas. No wonder I wore out so many brushes. This canvas is like painting on stucco or devils hide sandpaper. I think I will try this again on a different type of canvas. I told you that this whole painting thing has been trial and error right from the gitgo.

 Bitter Lake is expanding rapidly and has taken much or all of this pasture. More than the pasture the south end of Waubay is threatened by the  rising water of Bitter Lake. I have studied it some in google and it appears that the airport in Watertown may have been the final manmade dam that held back most of the runoff from west of Summit. As a land planner  I see this as  a golden opportunity to redesign Watertown. Odd how the names seem so obvious to the telling of this particular "yarn" It is imporatant in the telling of any good story to be keen enough with your wit to know when to stop the telling.
Oil on "canvas"24"X24"
This painting no longer available.


suzanneberry said...

I like this, interesting finish.

Linny D. Vine said...

Sounds like you are even more wise now, Rick! You stylize animals (and crabs) and you do it very well! Wishing you wellness...

Autumn Leaves said...

Love the colors here, Rick. Interesting thoughts on canvas, for me anyway. I really haven't much of a clue.



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