Thursday, June 10, 2010

You got the Silver(SOLD)

A lot of people come to the outer banks on vacation.  Over the years a lot of people have rented the house behind "Old Miller's Pharmacy"or what is now "The Beachroad Grill" in Nag's Head, North Carolina. I have painted this house three times in the past. This is the forth time that this particular cottage has showed up in my paintings. A couple that had stayed in this house saw my painting in a gallery. They did not buy it at the time and it was sold before they got back to the gallery. That painting was "Sidewalks, Fences and Walls". Friends of the couple contacted me and asked if I would paint it again as a gift.
Oil on canvas 24"X24" 
this painting is sold.

1 comment:

AutumnLeaves said...

I am thinking they are watching an approaching storm front? Lovely piece, Rick, but then no surprise there. Your work always is exceptional.



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