Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sassy Sarah (SOLD)

No inference. Although, I have known it to be so.
I enjoyed painting this a lot, it came out as if I had been preparing my entire life to paint this. Wanchese Harbour is a great place to get shots of a working seafood park. It is my sincere hope that boats like "Sassy Sarah" will always have seafood to catch in the coastal waters along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I pray the wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico can survive our best efforts.
Oil on canvas 24"X12"
This painting is sold.


AutumnLeaves said...

My thoughts exactly on the oil spill crisis. This is beautiful, Rick. You did a black underpainting? I love that effect!

Linny D. Vine said...

Great painting, Rick. (I have been thinking of you and your beautiful coastal paintings and wishing and hoping for you - Linny.)



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