Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Pirate Country" (SOLD)

Add captionAcrylic on canvas 20"X20"
This painting is sold


Marilyn M. King said...

Very good painting, there will be a big market for locals for this one I'll bet. I'd better get out my "Easy Share" handbook for a translation of your digital lesson. I do have one, believe it or not.

Rick, when I click on your PayPal logo, why does it have a $150 price listed before you even start any transaction? I was just checking out how your system works and didn't go any farther. When I spent 3 hours working out my PayPal system, I found that I could only use "pay now" buttons with a specific painting and not just for the site in general. Maybe I missed something, but I set up using email purchasing and will create invoices through PayPal when a painting sells.

rick nilson said...


I started with paypal with a button for every painting. It was just too much. If someone wants to buy a painting it works the same. I have not used my own, but it also includes insurance, right? When I finish 10 or 12 paintings I take them somewhere to be hung. So far I have been able to hang them in public places.



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