Friday, June 27, 2008

On paintings in kodak Easyshare (most of the time)

(Work in Progress)

kodak easyshare comes with the walmart machines that transfer chips to disks. I use it to crop my photo's. "easyshare" has several options. a brutal test option is convert your painting to black and white or to sepia. The photo above is further progress with sepia applied. Another option is "cartoon" shown above. If "coloring book" on top works, then the painting may work, if you get the color right. Meanwhile.. working with large mass's on the canvas. the software helped me realize that the shingles on the roof were the weakest part of this painting. As the software did, I did. It was my choice. thanks hal.
The cool thing is no matter how bad the painting is (really), I can blame it on that crappy monitor! Can you get behind that?
Back to the beachroad.Here is a new scene along US158 "The Bypass". Yes, there are 2 roads through my island. North Carolina Highway 12 (the beachroad) and U.S. 158 (the bypass). This house is on the west side of the beachroad. (One row back)(from the ocean) (BTH=between the highways) This house has such visual grip. If you have driven through Kill Devil Hills, then you have seen it. What a bonanza of "Stuff" this house has. Over grown landscaping, privacy fences, trashcans, a hotel across the street, a sailboat in the sideyard and weeds 3 feet tall, most of the time.
As to avoid confusion and not eliminate this post, I have posted the final product in its own post above. Thanks for looking.


Molly Young said...

Very nice. I love the colors in this.

rick nilson said...

Sorry molly I can only comment on to one young at a time...but I do like your paintings.

Marilyn M. King said...

Jennifer is not giving us anything to comment on- she's busy- so go ahead and give Molly some of your unique comments. And speaking of unique, "putting a painting through photoshop cartoon" is a new one on me. I've heard you speak of this before, but I really don't know what you are doing. Gonna give us any trade secrets? I'm really liking where this painting is going!

Thanks for the paypal instructions. Will try tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love this painting and yes I drive by it. But it isn't in KDH its in Nags Head. Its a landmark for sure. I bet you could do many more on that one house. Great work!

Rick Nilson said...


I didn't say the house was in KDH. I said if you drove through KDH you have seen it. I will not be chastised about the actual location of this particular dwelling. I agree about this house being a landmark somewhere here on the outerbanks. Thank you.



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