Monday, July 14, 2008

Wool in the Landscape

Sometimes there is no reason not to paint sheep. Other times I try to forget. Meanwhile, if you have not checked out my youtube video then you have been in a cave or at least you should get out less. Here is a connection. In discussing the concept for this video, I liked the idea of adding things and then taking them away. The guys editing took the concept one step farther, in that they took out stuff that I had painted in and then added it again later. I love the way this is sort of visually confusing. Anyway, I'm getting a few views.

Dear Editing Staff, (Rick Nilson's speed painting a chicken)
Very clever and a brand new idea. I will carry this concept forward.

Oh....incase you were wondering, yes, you can buy this painting directly from the artist for $225.00


Molly Young said...

Rick I absolutely love this painting! I think it is one of my favorites of yours. The wool in that first sheep is fantastic.

Molly Young said...

Oh cool video...and nice music...I always thought your paintings were so serene. But now I just have super fast mumbling running through my head.

rick nilson said...

Gosh Molly,

I cringed a little when I posted this one. I was not really satisfied with it, but not sure how to improve it. That happens sometimes you know,...... just like the apendix being on the other side. I will probably eleminate this comment later. If I can get it hung in a gallery. Thanks for watching the video. I love the song. Keep painting.



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