Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crab Approximately(SOLD)

This is how I start my paintings. I did a pencil sketch on 8X11 last night. This morning I smeared a wash over the entire canvas. yellow ochre and red oxide in this case. I let it dry, this time. Sometimes I don't. I mixed my black to define the shapes of my crab in proportion to a square. I have found that I can play some with "correct proportions". In this case I want to make my crab look "beefier" (crab on steroids) I mixed white with the leftover background combo and with the black and established my masses. Then I started adding color. .....and then I posted this...... and then I made a sandwich......... I might make a few phone calls......... What is your number anyway? Acrylic on canvas 20"X20" Thanks for looking.


Molly Young said...

It's still here I'm sure, along with allot more. This used to be little town is growing like crazy. I love the colors in this guy.

Rick Nilson said...

Glad you like the color. I do miss Texas. Great people and damn good bbq brisket. Gig 'em!



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