Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two (on painting odd in the landscape)

When discussing affairs like landscape design 2 is an odd number. Mostly 3 or 5 or 7 can be better than 4 or 2 or 6 when considering a particular plant or element in the landscape. Just plop down 2 of something and.............. where's #3? Or it's.................. "one is never enough for you, is it? You had to have that second one!"
One is better than two, but then you have to decide if your fancy is worthy of being a specimen or is it just mass out there by itself. I have already counted them, but they could be two specimens like ewe and lamb or just 2 sheep. That is odd. Acrylic on canvas 20"X20". You can buy this painting directly from the artist for $225.00


Jennifer Young said...

In this instance, I think two hearts bleet as one. Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

This composition works for me. I think it would not be as successful if the two sheep weren't joined as one mass, as you say. They also form a strong diagonal, adding an upward movement to what at first glance seems like a relatively quiet picture. My favorite part is the negative space between the legs and under the shadow area on the ground. Like so many of your works, this piece has a very strong abstract armature.

rick nilson said...


Thanks. Very good. not 2 sheep 1 mass of sheep. what the flock?



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