Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enemy Swim (SOLD)

The following is an email I received yesterday. Its from a woman in Ohio that vacationed here and bought one of my paintings.

This is just to say thank you for painting my picture of the outer banks house.. I purchased it at the obx grill in Corolla while having breakfast there.. I am back in Ohio now and the painting is hanging in my living room. It will be a reminder of the beautiful vacation there and will be my special house on the beach ..every day of the year...I have never put a brush to a canvas ..perhaps I will try now ( smile) I hope you continue to paint so others can enjoy as I do the gift you have to share..

again thank you and God bless..Barb

I swear I did not make this up.

There is a lake not far from Webster, S.D. Just for the sake of editorial revisionism this is the account that "they" have written about what supposedly happened at Enemy Swim Lake. It isn't really worth a fight either way! But just for the record and to quiet any doubt. It does vary from the account that Gordie told us.
There is an Indian Reservation with a school and lots of pastures near Enemy Swim Lake. They probably have a website too. Anyway that wasn't the point. This is about Pasture Month. It takes one hell of a fence to keep buffalo in. They have such a thick skull that they are impervious to reason. They will "bunch up" in corners and suffocate. You can well imagine how much this complicates the fencing process. The Indians had it right. Our neighbor raises buffalo for breed stock and specialty meats and stuff like skulls and hides. He runs the bait shop in Webster, South Dakota. Right across from The A&W. Just ask Doug. He knows where the walleye are biting. Tell him I said hello. http://www.sportsmanscove.20m.com/
Acrylic on canvas 24"X24". (SOLD)


I am Tyler Nilson said...

this is good

Jennifer Young said...

What he said.

Marilyn M. King said...

Did you make the buffalo story up?
Great email!

rick nilson said...




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