Thursday, June 5, 2008

BlueCrab (painting in recovery)(SOLD)

I took a group of paintings to a restaurant in Corolla yesterday. I got a call this morning from the restaurant and they told me one of them sold. I looked at the photo of they one I sold. Bad photo. Gertrude Stein wrote "You can either go to restaurants or you can own fine art". I don't have good photo's of my work, and as much as I hate the idea of prints, well you know........I sold 3 paintings last week and when I went back and looked and I don't have a single photo of one of them. It could have been just a myth. Acrylic on Canvas 24"X24".


Jennifer Young said...

Well, you may not like the idea of prints, but getting good shots of your paintings is still a good idea--for archiving, and for that Rick Nilson retrospective coffee table book in your future.

I don't professionally scan or photograph all of my work, but for ones that really feel like a standout, I will. I've ditched transparencies and slides long ago and have gone digital.

Marilyn M. King said...

Congrats on selling three paintings in a week! That must feel wonderful, Rick.
I agree with Jennifer that you should always take the time to shoot a digital shot of each of your paintings. What if you have a commission to paint another one of "those" paintings, you could just paint from your digital image. That's just one reason to do it, many more.
Jennifer, one thing that I have wondered about. What kind of image do you use to have a glicee made. A digital shot from a 7 to 8 pixal camera wouldn't be fine enough would it? I haven't had to make that decision, but I'm thinking ahead just in case. Sorry Rick, maybe you know the answer to that as well. Anyone?

Rick Nilson Fine Art said...


The way Jennifer photo's stuff is way different than the way I do. In one of her previous blogs she discussed "loosey" jpeg files. I know exactly what that means. I use a 3.2m. My photo's tend to be as cruel as my brush. Now I gotta go mix paint, muck in and smear.

Rick Nilson (The Hardest Working Man in the Art Buisness).

Jennifer Young said...

Dear Marilyn and HWMITAB,

For giclees I've had done, all were high res. direct scans of the artwork. The limited editions were scanned at the printer by some fancy schmancy digital scanning thingy. The few open editions I've done (mini prints) were done on a very good Epson flatbed scanner at 300 dpi.

It is expensive to get direct scans of large artwork, so I've not done any beyond what I chose for the L.E. prints.

I do have a 10 megapixel camera that I use to photograph all of my other work for archiving. I have not tried this for prints though. It may work but I don't know what would happen once the print gets beyond 8x10. Plus I now have the direct scans to compare to, which are amazing. If you really wanted to test your camera out, you could try shooting at your highest res. image size and order a larger print from a place like ImageKind or FinerWorks and see how it looks.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

this feels very maryland'ish to me. im a big big fan of this one. i feel like Cindy's family would like it



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