Friday, October 2, 2015

The Sailfish on Avalon Pier (SOLD)

One year, (possibly 1990), someone caught a sailfish from the end of The Avalon Fishing Pier. The wind had been blowing steady out of the east for what must have been 2 weeks. The wind brought the gulfstream on shore. I saw flying fish jump at the edge of the piling and the weeds and plants that line the gulfstream were littered up and down the beach. Charlie Falk owned the pier. There was a sign next to the "Avalon Fishing Pier" that read "Charlie Falk Auto". Charlie had a special display case built on the facade of the pier house.   For years after a replica of the fish baked behind the glass in the afternoon sun.
Oil on canvas 10" X 30"
This painting is sold.

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