Sunday, November 7, 2010

Young Turks in Paradise

I have been at my son's wedding in St. John, USVI this week. Cindy and I took a tour bus ride around the island and stopped here for a photo opp. Oddly enough some of the 80 or so in the wedding party were swimming here at Caneel Bay when I snapped the shot. Look closely and you will see a very pale  young turk walking in the shallows. Yikes. I may just move here, but just not today.


martinealison said...

Tous mes voeux de bonheur aux jeunes mariƩs... Bises

Rick Nilson said...


it felt like one of those moments in life that defines it. either that or you are asking me for a recipe using parsnips. I don't speak german.

thank you.


Susan Roux said...

lol Martine-Alison was sending her warm wishes to the married couple!

It looks hard to take... Do you think this is what heaven looks like? No wonder you didn't want to return.

Rick Nilson said...


well thank you so much for making me appear the smart continential. I know the transation button.
Bisses, my wee moutoun.


Bruce Docker said...

St Johns is one if my favorite places. Great diving! I find it very hard to paint, though. Like painting a really pretty woman. Just hard to do it justice.
'Kelly Hawk Pier' is a cool picture, by the way.



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