Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ghost among my broken dreams (SOLD)

A ghost crab. Never cared for them much. Not to say that as one of God's creatures they are not beautiful, but they eat baby seaturtles when they hatch. Ghost crabs dig burrows near the nest and pull the turtles back down to their larder.  Is there a more gruesome vision? Eaten alive by a ghost. They can hear the sounds of baby turtles moving under the sand and  line up around a "boil". A boil is the action or event when baby sea turtles all hatch and scramble out of the nest and head to the claws of a ghost crabs or the open water along the outer banks of North Carolina.
Oil on canvas  8"X8"
this painting is sold.


AutumnLeaves said...

Well, they sure are fascinating to see Rick. I like it!

suzanneberry said...

Ewwwooooo! I wuz gonna say he's beautiful...but baby turtles?? Ok, so i'll happily ingest all manner of crabs. perhaps i should give him a break. great job.

martinealison said...

Merci pour les photos...
Une autre peinture de crabe... enchantez de faire votre connaissance! êtes-vous cousin à ...?

J'aime beaucoup... simplement.



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