Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Summer House (on coming from grey) (SOLD)

This is an under painting. I find it is easier for me to control the paint if I start with a grey scale such as this and then add color. I think it has something to do with my training using markers. If a painting is as complex as this, adding white too soon, for me, is like inviting certain failure. I have probably washed away more paint than I have put on this piece thus far. I think this is a distinct advantage that linen has over canvas when using oil paints, and for me represents the biggest difference between oil and acrylic paint. The process of painting that I use is probably the brand of a studio painter, as opposed to painting on site. The next time I paint on site, however, I will do a line sketch with markers on paper to establish the composition and the contrasts before I begin painting. I read this in a Kevin McPhearson's book. I have been working with the oils more of late because it seemed better suited for painting outdoors. The type of painting that I have been doing in oils, of coming from grey to color,(shown above) as opposed to coming from color to the correct shades and intensity of color, was brought to my attention by Mike Rooney. (It made sense to me at the time),but I did not distinguish myself as that type of painter. I realized later that he was describing my style of painting. I don't know if this makes any sense to you. If it does or doesn't you owe yourself a painting demonstration or a workshop with Mike. I learned a lot of interesting things about other ways of painting from Mike. I welcome every opportunity to talk smart with other artists. Hey, it works for me! He has a lot of video's here Jerry'sArtaRama Check out his free stuff and his cd's.
Oil on stretched linen 14"X14" (SOLD)


n. rhodes harper said...

Is this process grisaille painting? It is interesting to watch one come together. Can't wait to see the finished painting. I admire you for trying new things. I get into ruts and it is hard to break away. It's good to be wild and throw caution to the wind!

Rick Nilson said...

I wish I knew, I really wish I knew what you call it. Cruel comes to mind. I can just sit here all day long being wild and crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice, sunny and warm..just the way I like it! Agreed about the white -applied too soon it kills color and deep values. It's much easier to lighten something than it is to darken it after the white's down, IMO. Even moreso in oils, I'd think, since they take longer to dry. Wow I feel smarter already! Any way, I like the painting!

Rick Nilson said...


Thanks for the compliment. what is IMO? is this grisalle? I would like to know.

Marilyn M. King said...

IMO is "in my opinion". And you thought she was talking "smart artist talk"! LOL

I love this beach house. The horizontal slats where quite a challenge to paint, I'm sure, but they add so much interest and texture. Your leaning telephone poles are a favorite element of mine.



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