Monday, November 2, 2009

The Replacement (SOLD)

Do you have a cat? We have three cats now. The oldest is an ancient calico named "Prissy" or "Prissie". I am never sure. About 2 years ago Cindy noticed Prissee was slowing down a lot and perhaps only days away from death.
It was decided that the time had come to activate a cat replacement plan. A plan that would ease the inevitable pain that accompanies dead pets. We collectively decided that the best replacement was another calico. To ease the bereivement, the replacement must shared all the markings that calico cats have. We hoped to find one that was good enough to fool the neighbors into thinking a death never happened. A seamless transition from one cat to another. We try to think how our decisions will effect others.
We found the kitten depicted as a full grown cat in this painting. Her name was "Shirley", but her name tag said "Shirlee". I just ignored it. I could not, however, ignore her twin sister, Laverne. We left the shelter with 2 kittens. Laverne and Shirley. As luck would have it, Laverne died within 48 hours. It was now apparent we needed a replacement for Laverne. A new search began. The neighbors never saw Laverne, so we were less particular about this replacements general appearance. We found a skittish pastel calico in another shelter. We called her "Lovee" (I am certain it wasn't "Lovey").
We considered calling her Laverne, but it didn't seem right. I believe that our neighbors think we have two cats.
Oil on canvas 9"X12" (SOLD)


Delilah said...

Love this cat painting

Rebecca Snow said...

yep, love the cat, sent this to my cat lover friend. I , on the other hand, think a cat would make a lovely handbag.

wish I could paint like RICK
and be just as nutty and get away with it.
just awe.
that is what I feel.

rebecca in honolulu

Rick Nilson said...

"Hey there Deliliah". I've always wanted to say that.

Rebecca in Honolulu. The oldest cat is pretty small, I doubt she would yield more than a small coin purse.

Marilyn M. King said...

This is by far one of the best cat paintings I have ever seen! The gesture perfect and love the light. Marvelous!

A side note: When I click on this painting no enlargement appears.

Rick Nilson said...

Thanks Marilyn,

Thanks for the kind words and the side note. I fixed it. Enlarge away.

Kevy400 said...

Does a cat-purse purr?



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