Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marshes Light(SOLD)

A collector came by the mancave and bought this. I will take a better photo when the sun comes out. The paint is still wet so I will have this around for 2 more weeks. I had a student attempt this with me. I have another painter that tried to get off Hatteras Island today around noon and was turned back. The road to Hatteras is flooded by the storm all around us. Hatteras Island and Ocracoke are now cut off from the northern parts of the outer banks and escape. Mick, Stay dry down there, Mate.
I just use some mud to define the tones. I started with a white canvas. I added a very thin wash of cad red to the canvas. I am not painting, I am just using pigment tones to define my shapes. I used the mud left over from yesterday's painting class. I rely on sun for taking photos of my paintings and the last 3 days have been very cloudy, and overcast, all this storm is upon us.
Oil on canvas 24"X12" (SOLD)

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