Friday, November 27, 2009

Missed The A Train (what happens at the terminal, stays at the terminal)

I had several inspirations for this piece. I always have done little doodles of people doing extraordinary things. I liked the idea of the dancers. One of the painters at does wonderful dancers. Connie Chadwell. I have also watched a lot of the paintings come in at DSFDF. Once I was satisfied with the dancers, I began looking for a scene for dancers.  The colorful concrete floor of the terminal seemed like an easily recognizable icon. When I saw what Karin Jurick called her painting "Terminal Pace" and thought about all those poor people rushing around trying to catch their rides, the idea of  "Terminal Dancing" seemed like a nice change of pace.   I think I have missed the submission date for DSFDF, so indeed, I have ("Missed the A Train").
Accept no subsititue and copy no other.
A Rick Nilson Original.
Oil on stretched canvas 12"X9"


Anonymous said...

Fun painting!
Looks like George Bush!
Hope it's not a self portrait...
cause you know what that would mean!

Rick Nilson said...

I guess it would mean most people would call me a jerk and it would baffled me why McCain picked Palin. Been There. Done That.

AutumnLeaves said...

What wonderful and whimsical pieces! Came via the Following the Masters blog and do enjoy your art work!



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