Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gary considered a career as a private detective

I started this on Monday morning. Who does that? Who has a job like this? Who wakes up monday morning thinking, ".....yep, I gotta get started painting a drag queen...."
I tried to give this portrait a more stately look and less chorus line drag queen. I did not have a reference photo or a mirror.
If you come to the Outer Banks in the summer go see "The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama" on Roanoke Island. Yes, it is lost, but there are signs and arrows everywhere. The story of Sir Walter Raleigh, The Queen of England and the first English child born in America and a bunch of missing people."
If you click here. it will take you to a link. Good outdoor family fun on Roanoke Sound. Bring mosquito repellent.
Not for Sale
Oil washes on 12"X16"

1 comment:

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I like your drag queen! I think you should always follow your painting impulses and to heck with what anybody else thinks!



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