Monday, September 8, 2008

Wild Boy (SOLD)

"If we're fools in life, then a happy fool I'd rather be" Taj Mahal
Someone emailed me some photo's of Hannah in Manteo. Looks like fun.

Today I painted a crab somewhat blue. I don't use photo's anymore with these guys. I justwing it. It is a way of painting that is similar to the way I doodle or sketch. Acrylic on canvas 18"X18"



Jennifer Young said...

These crabs just get better and better! That flood image is great. Reminds me of my childhood in pancake-flat Beaumont Texas. It flooded big, and often. Every flood was an opportunity to take our makeshift rowboat (a plastic dog bathtub) and paddle around in the yards and ditches. Unsanitary as hell, but kid heaven.

rick nilson said...

Hurruicane Ike should offer Beaumont Texas another opportunity for this kind



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