Friday, September 12, 2008

Gaillardia Forests (on real men don't paint flowers) "Where are you goin' now, Biff?"(SOLD)

I usually rush to avoid painting flowers. It seemed like there were more important "man like" things to paint. I can draw pretty good vegetation, but today it's loose little flowers. This is a painting of a cottage in Nag's Head. Another September sunset on the Outer Banks. The gaillardia is a hearty little annual with orange and yellow petals, not to be confused with blue bonnets or pear trees. Bonita! This has been an enjoyable painting. Acrylic on canvas 24"X18" (SOLD)


Marilyn M. King said...

This is super, Rick. Be sure to watch your converging tangents at the top as you work to finish. All those points touching or near touching can draw the eye too much. I'm thinking this is going to be wonderful!

Debbie said...

In Texas we call those flowers Indian Blanket (and they are also the state wild flower of Oklahoma) but I bet you already knew that!
I rather like the sepia look as is. Maybe color the flowers only...? I'll bet you get a lot of "advice" on this one...and it doesn't need any of it!

Rick Nilson said...

Thanks. Your comments remind me of "Back to the Future":

Grandma to Biff: "Where are you going now, Biff?"
Biff to Grandma "I'M GOIN' TO THE DANCE, GRANDMA!"

I loved that scene. This was fun to paint. What tangents? HA!

I am Tyler Nilson said...

best yet! i was waiting all night for you to upload it in color. the flowers are a great new touch. softens things up in a good way. looks like you traded in power lines for flowers. im digging it

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks, Rick. Taking out those power lines really makes my comment look stupid! That's just your style. Serves me right.

This is really a lovely painting, especially if you don't know the background story of the "Dawn of the Dead" connection. But I think the color orange gives it away.

Jennifer Young said...

This is why I say leave up your WIP progressions, so dumb people like me can figure out what the heck everyone's referring to in your comments section.

Now that I've beat you with a wet noodle, I must say I really love this painting--flowers or no flowers it is really strong compositionally and you've done a great job with the porch. The flowers do give it an added depth though. My only wish is that they continued right on out of the picture on the left side instead of stopping just before the edge. But don't change it. If it is done for you then let it be done. Besides, if you change it now, this comment isn't going to make any sense. ;-)

rick nilson said...


You are certainly correct. Except for the part about it having something to do with intelligence. I agree and will do my best to leave any future works in progress as testiment. good call. Thanks for clarifying this.



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