Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Secret Decoder Ring (on naming paintings) (SOLD)

The owner of the KDH Cooperative Gallery in Kill Devil Hills, NC, told me a story of a couple that came into the gallery one day. The husband really liked one particular painting. He called his wife over to look at it. She said she really liked it too, and then she asked what was the name of the painting. The husband read the name of the painting from the nearby plaque "...............oh, I don't like the name." They left the store without buying the painting. So do names really matter? Somebody must have an original thought. Acrylic on canvas 24"X16" (SOLD)


Kevin said...

A name is a label by some other name

we are tied, tied to it as though it were a cable

It can be lose or it can be tight

Yet to it, we are bound, as though a beacon in the night

A single point - and entire continent

Indeed a name, what is a name

Rick Nilson said...


I think this would qualify as an original thought.

Jennifer Young said...

Interesting question. I've often wondered how many times people even think of the names once they own the paintings. Then again, whenever I observe people in a gallery or museum, they almost always seek out the title card--sometimes before they even look at the painting. I think people want a point of reference so that they might understand and to relate to something. Which is why naming a painting "Turd #2" might not go over so well. (Not a reference to your painting pictured, of course. It's wonderful!)

rick nilson said...


Did you come up with the "Turd Series" thing? I promise not to use it. Just trying to figure out if this is an original thought. You know, for the other artists.

Jennifer Young said...

Well, not really sure I should claim it, but yes. It lacks the poetry offered by Kevin. So then I thought of a better name. "Turd, interrupted." I think this has more of a feeling of angst, don't you?



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