Friday, September 26, 2008

I got the cooler and the dog! (SOLD)

This is a fun start anyway. Things that people do every day. I will paint on this some over the weekend. I was looking for a focal point so I added the dog. Before that it was the cell phone. Before that the sign on the pole. Acrylic on canvas 14"X18"? (SOLD)


I am Tyler Nilson said...


Marilyn M. King said...

Very nice gestures and movement. The dog adds great interest in many ways, but the best thing about it is the tension created in the movement. While the action is moving in opposite directions out of the picture, the doggy pulls you back into the painting. Great natural "feel" for what would work in this composition.

n. rhodes harper said...

Very nice Rick, I wonder who the guy with the dog is talking to and what he is saying. Obviously a nagging wife! Great brush work.

Jennifer Young said...

This is wonderful. A new direction for you?

rick nilson said...

In a Big Gay Al voice "Well, thank you for noticing!" This was fun and I suppose I will do more of these.



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