Friday, August 1, 2008

Monday Trashday (the beachroad saga)

Hello to my old good A&E buddy, Doug Dieter, out there in Sacramento, Cal. Found me with a google search. This scene must look familiar to you.
It is very easy to overwork paintings, and if you love to paint, then you must fight that urge also. "But,............... I just got goin' good!"
I don't know if this is finished but it certainly was fun to paint. "Yes, but there is that bit just over the chateau, that certainly could stand another splash." The light at sundown on the beach road is wonderful.
I often beg for critiques. Carole Thompson, owner of Lighthouse Gardens "offered" a word on my work. "......Again the lean........". Thanks, Carole. Acrylic on Canvas 20"X36"

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