Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lambs on Bitter Lake (SOLD)

I visited my cousin, Trent Nilson, when I was in South Dakota. (you know, Justin's kid, Trent.) "Oh yeah, the "T"MAN, what's he doin' now?" He quit shaving when his mother died, and he keeps a lot of his stuff just north of Bitter Lake. Dead cottonwoods are witness to rising water levels in Bitter Lake. If you click on the title "Lambs on Bitter Lake" above, behold, a schematic of regional lake levels. Bitter Lake has risen more than 20'. SDDOT has been busy raising the grade on lots of roads in the area.

Oil on Canvas 20"X20" (SOLD)


Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, I love this painting! Great landscape and of course great sheep!

rick nilson said...

Thanks MMK, I am liking the oils quite a bit, and Mrs. Jorgensen's sheep are great subject matter.



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