Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Look Back (SOLD)

There is a lesson here for all of us. Somehow these animal paintings are beginning to feel like just an induldgence. Who want's some ass hanging on their wall? . I may hang this in my May One Artist Show at The Dare County Arts Council Gallery in Manteo, NC. Unless somebody out there in cyberworlds wants an ass hanging on their wall. Acrylic on Canvas 36"X24".
This painting is entered into the Molly Fearing Art Competition (SOLD)


I am Tyler Nilson said...

it just keeps getting better and better.... these are really making my day. wow wow wow... congrats dad!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had half of the eye you do for color... i'm not into hanging ass on my walls... but this ass i could make an exception for!

Rick Nilson Fine Art said...

No gasping now

Jennifer Young said...

I like the elongated figure- kind of El Greco-like. And now, since there's no place to comment in your "liner notes"...A few more tips for your art show. 1) To look extra art-school, don't shower for a week. 2) Carry a small timid dog around under your arm the entire evening....maybe that puppy you keep sliding in to all of your paintings. 3)Maintain an eternally bored expression throughout the event. 4) Alternately, talk incessantly, but only about yourself, your work and the awards you've won. Should work like a charm.

I am Tyler Nilson said...

dont forget to wear very thick framed black glasses, talk incessantly about your education in New York, with an emphasis on the word CONSERVATORY, and if all possible pick up some sort of trendy substance abuse habits, no hippie shit either like weed, heroin should be the best thing... good luck

rick nilson said...

I get it. You are just telling me to be myself. Very clever the way you phrased it though. I have been working on the bored look.

Debbie said...

YEE HAW - love that mule!!! I especially love the perspective.
To add to Jennifer's suggestions:
Make sure clothes are shabby and paint splattered. People feel better writing checks to starving artists.
(Uh, and, Tyler seems to know more than he should!) :-)



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