Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just listen (private collection)

The first animals that I remember drawings were the horses. Who the hell wants to draw some silly chicken. I saw a painting of some old guy riding a mule on the internet yesterday. I bought a book once on drawing horses. I sort of wanted the mule and rider to be listening to some unheard far away noise. Do you hear it. Just Listen. There is a self portrait competition at Glen Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery. I might enter myself and the cowboy. All edges are painted. Suitable for framing or hang it as is. Acrylic on canvas 24"X16". Not for sale


Debbie said...

Well, you already know I LOVE mules and this character is exceptional!!!!

Jennifer Young said...

This is actually just a comment on what's in your sidebar. What the heck's going on in your "liner notes"? They're out of control. I'd have thought maybe you've been sniffing too many turps but you're an acrylic painter. No offense.

Rick Nilson Fine Art said...

I think its youtube. William Burroughs reciting with his works with R.E.M. doing prankster music in the background. Point taken with the out of control stuff. I have asked all of my neighbor's if they can get any good crack.

Mark Adams said...

Crack? You need some hits of Acid, man...Far Out!

But, turning these jests out of service, let us talk in good earnest: You are correct about gaining insight by reading others blogs and comments. Just this week, I learned that you can get oil primed canvas and linen panels on real birch instead of those cheap cardboard ones. I like painting on a hard support but miss the tooth of canvas sometimes. The companies that make them are Raymar and Sourcetek. They may help you with your “gluey mess” BTW I like “Design Gone Wild” a lot.

Anonymous said...

this painting is by far your best yet. i love it.

I am Tyler Nilson said...




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