Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton's Cow (SOLD)

I couldn't call her 7211. This girl brings back a lot of memories. My uncle Clinton Nilson and his son Craig operate a dairy farm. Clinton is probably 80. He jokes that if life and death are just, then he will die with a teat in his hand. (pronounced "tit)" Dairy farmer humor. Acrylic on canvas. 24"X24" (SOLD)


Mark Adams said...

That is definitely how I want to go out (without the bovine involvement). I’m certain the other “Clinton” feels the same. I like this painting a lot. The number tag and bit of landscape really balance the composition.

For the record - berets ain’t bad headgear once you get use to people asking; “Are you an artist or something?” Also, Lady Bracknell loves cucumber sandwiches. Algernon orders them specially.

Jennfier Young said...

I love this one. The tag and the eyelashes make it.



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