Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come on MeowMix, please deliver (a study in Feline) (SOLD)

these are my rules for a successful piece of art.
1. If it comes easy, I tell myself, "please let it be".
2.If I have a happy accident, I tell everyone I meant to do that. Including myself, and I believe it.
3. I am confident that I can paint more like Rick Nilson than anyone else on the planet.
4. I don't care if you like me or my work. I used to, but I don't know you anymore.
5. I will be crushed if you don't like my paintings.
Oil on canvas 8"X20"
(SOLD to a collector in Memphis)


Delilah said...

I love it, but then I'm a cat lover, YOu will have to paint a dog for those other guy's.

Rick Nilson said...

Hey there Delilah.

dc chic said...

It's a beautiful calico! I won't be out again until March. How much? Hoping you'll forget how bad a painter I am (maybe someday I'll have hours and hours to practice) and wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas!

Rick Nilson said...

DC chic with the sweet and sour horses,

give me an email address, yum yum.



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