Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yell Ohh

This might be considered a typical photo I would get (after a bit of cropping) while driving north on NC12 in Kitty Hawk. I love these buildings. You can see my antenna in the foreground and a slice of the Atlantic.
I had my left arm out the window holding my camera over the top of my pickup looking northeast.
I was eating a taco. My hair was perfect.

This KDH ocean front house had a new paint job this year. I don't know if anyone was fortunate enough to watch it happen or to witness the paint dry. Last year it was blue with kelp or something painted on the sides. You can miss so much not living in a big city like Kitty Hawk or Kill Devil Hills. I have always liked this house for its simplicity. I have been photographing the beachroad for 2 years now and I am more aware of the sun angles during the different times of the year. Right now this stretch of NC12 is dead on perpendicular to the sun and some sections of the beach road are not. I have never felt I got a good enough image of this house to paint it. My reference photo was very grainy, most of them are. I use the shotgun approach to photography. I click as quick as the camera will let me while driving at 35 miles an hour with the camera out the window. Don't worry, I usually don't eat or talk on the phone while I'm doing this. I have no idea what my short road trips will yield until I load them into my computer.
Oil on canvas 11"X14"
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Roxanne Steed said...

I use that photography technique too sometimes! It's pretty least once in a while!! :-) I've enjoyed seeing your paintings- (makes me miss the's different up here in New England!)...



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