Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Girl Blues(SOLD)

Lots of guys come to the Outer Banks on vacation. A lot of them get anxious or depressed because they don't know how or even what to call the local girl crabs. A lot of local crabs pass through Wanchese, and you may find the locals to be real helpful. If you go down there after the "Shell Shop" closes and hang around by the docks, one may approach you. Should you ask for names, you might get a wary ".....the "Shecrab?", you can spot her by the painted red claws, that's Sally. She's pretty young. Her mother has a bit more experience, we just call her Sook."........." ..the boys? well, you must be talking about Jimmy."...."..no.nobody named John around here.........anyway, what's your name, sailor?"
Oil on canvas 14"X11"
If you really want to see some bits, click here
This painting is sold.

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