Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manly Flowers (on coming out)

I have come out in the past and declared that I rush to avoid painting flowers. I am of the belief that there are more manly subjects requiring my artistic attentions. Last night, however, a chain of events set into motion the eventual creation of this work. About midnight last night I awoke to a hissing sound near the kitchen sink. A water pipe under our house had burst. I shut the water off at the meter. I am not the kind of guy that would ask his wife more than once to deal with this in the wee hours. She says she is a very sound sleeper. We spent the night and a brief part of the morning without water. I could have hired a plumber, but I did the plumbing myself. He would have charged me tens of dollars, but it was its not always about the money with me. I had the leak located at first light. I was at Home Depot with the contractors, and I had the leak fixed by 9:30 AM. With that type of thing under my belt so early in the day I tackled this subject without fear of any silly stigmas or ramifications. My manhood never in question, and it didn't take me very long either.
oil on canvas 12"X16"
I gave this painting to my daughter. damn it.

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