Sunday, March 10, 2013

Waste Deep (SOLD)

I find myself easily distracted and sweeping the floor a lot. I am waist deep in remodeling my "Studio". I make the "in parentheses" sign with my fingers every time I mention it. My "Studio". I am waiting on windows and sheet rock and I am painting in the middle of a construction zone. I have faith and believe that doing this construction project is the right thing, but I must admit, it is a distraction from painting.  To tell the truth, selling this painting would go quite a ways in convincing me!
Oil on linen 18"x24"
I met the people that bought this piece. and here is what Waste Deep means.
Thank you for buying this and now I am convinced.
this painting is sold.


Kay Wyne said...

This painting really exciting to have a new studio! Good luck on the construction, and the distraction. Keep on painting.

Susan said...

Great light and wonderful color - good luck with the studio. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily!



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