Friday, March 29, 2013

Bait on Ole McGregor (SOLD)

Good news.
Another month.? It has been. I have had this work in some stage on my easel for that long.
I am back. Back to a new normal. My marathon construction project drags on. The scope of the work changed, but I back to having a "habitable" space to paint.
Thank you all for following my blog and liking my stuff.
Here I am adding a coat of protective finish to a few paintings in a corner of my mostly completed "studio".
Oil on canvas 24"X24"
this painting is sold.


Susan said...

It looks like a great space with lots of light, Rick. I know you will enjoy it. And its good to see the size of your work. Love this new one!

Susan Roux said...

Oh Rick, the new studio looks great! Nothing like a new space to stimulate a whole new round of good work! Happy Easter.

Lauren Nelson said...

It IS a great space. As soon as the final dust is cleaned up, you'll be happy you did this to/for yourself.



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