Monday, October 3, 2011

Sandcastle (SOLD)

Funny the way things don't always turn out just the way you had them planned. I am still in some form of Hurricane Irene recovery dementia. I have a lot of new priorities that have little to do with painting.  It is something I hope to be over soon and again able to spend more time doing this.
A little oceanfront cottage in Nags Head with a washed out pink color against the blue clouds and sky seemed like an appropriate combination.
Oil on canvas 16"X16"
thanks for looking. this painting is sold.


martinealison said...

Une bien jolie peinture...
J'espère que la tempête ne sera plus qu'un mauvais souvenir pour vous et que bien vite vous allez pouvoir peindre plus sereinement.
Gros bisous

Susan Roux said...

Hang in there Rick. At least your mind is thinking pretty colors. I like the sunshine on the cottage.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous handling of the clouds, Rick. I could happily live in this kind of sandcastle!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Wonderful colors! Sorry to hear you had some Irene problems.



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